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LEDBOX as a visual advertising and media device

  • In the media consumption habits and technical environment of today’s world the use of smart phones and tablets is spreading and it is part of the everyday life. We have got used to the fast-updating content, to the expressive colour images and to the dynamic visual appearance. Therefore, the outdoor media devices’ static posters cited as conventional are no longer sufficient to arouse interest, attention in the consumers. The technical development has necessarily reached this media sector as well. Electronic and digital media platforms mean the future of outdoor communication solutions.
  • The LEDBOX technology is able to display your digital ad in 17 million colours, in sharp reproduction. The use of high contrast and vibrant colours ensures 100% detection reach among those passing by in front of your ad. Our outdoor LED media devices are able to display your business and your messages in a striking and visible form. The LED digital billboards are revolutionizing the ad opportunities on public areas. The information on the unusually bright LED wall platform are easier to remember, so the number of new customers can be increased in addition to retaining the old ones.
  • Our local marketing staff can work closely with you in order to receive the most relevant advertising services from us. We adjust the length and frequency of the advertising sports’ appearances to your needs and goals, and we also provide advice and prepare the creative materials.
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