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    Kossuth L. sgrt - Rókusi körúti körforgalom
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    Sziget Eye
    Budapest, Erzsébet tér
  • Csaba Center
  • Szent István tér
  • Gyulai Vár
  • Sziget Fesztivál
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Why is it worth advertising on LEDBOX?

  • new, unusual media device which attracts attention and interest
  • its 16.5 m2 display exceeds the size of billboards
  • no poster paper printing costs
  • video spots, motion graphics can be displayed on it in high quality
  • due to its brightness it is highly visible in sunlight
  • the brightness and the dynamic motion provide a unique look
  • the customer information can be changed on it even daily
  • it generates high advertising consumer affinity
  • it provides up to 500 appearances daily
  • cost effective (due to the high appearance number, good price/performance ratio)
  • creative (any animation, text, picture, effect can be displayed on it)
  • the actual appearance of the ads can be traced on internet
  • the ad can be divided to parts and scattered in the commercials
  • due to its speciality, the ad will remain in the memory of the viewers

Typical applications of LEDBOX:

  • outdoor ad, visual communication (junctions, squares, walking streets)
  • projecting sports events’ cameras
  • projecting concerts’ cameras
  • media technical support for company road shows
  • projecting political, charity events’ cameras
  • projecting private and corporate parties’ cameras
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